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HIV Sanctuaries & Reservoirs

OP 3.1. The Role of Productive Infection of the Resting CD4+ T Cell in the Establishment and Maintenance of Persistent HIV-1 Infection. Winston Cavert - Minneapolis (USA)

OP 3.2. Latent Reservoirs and Viral evolution during HAART: the clinical significance of HIV latency. Robert Siliciano - Baltimore (USA)

OP 3.3. The Central Nervous System as a Viral Reservoir: approaches and data. Ron Ellis - San Diego (USA)

OP 3.4. The Male Genital Tract as a Viral Sanctuary. Angela Kashuba - Chapel Hill (USA)

OP 3.5. HIV-1 Cervico-vaginal Reservoir in the Era of HAART. Giuseppe Nunnari - Philadelphia (USA)

OP 3.6. Viral Genomes Sequence Evolution in Tissue Reservoirs as an Approach to Identifying Source of Sequestered Provirus that Rebounds after HAART Suspension. Stephen O’Brien - Frederick (USA)






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