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Late Breakers

OP 7.1. HTLV-1 Latency by a Viral-encoded Protein that Blocks Tax and Rex Production. Genoveffa Franchini - Bethesda  (USA)

OP 7.2. Identification of Cellular Genes with anti-HIV Activity. Susana Valente - New York (USA)

OP 7.3. Residual HIV-1 Replication in Patients Receiving Combination Antiretroviral Therapy and with Undetectable HIV-RNA. Helene Mens - Copenhagen (Denmark)

OP 7.4. In vivo Myeloid Cell Purging (MYP) as a Therapeutic Tool in MDR HIV Patients. Priscilla Biswas - Milano (Italy) 

OP 7.5. Targeted Reactivation of Latent HIV-1 infection in T Cells. Olaf Kutsch  - Birmingham (USA)

OP 7.6. The Cellular Factor PSF Downregulates HIV-1: potential latency mechanism. Barbara Felber  - Frederick (USA). Also see abstract PP.1.1.






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