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New Therapeutic Approaches II

OP 9.1. Perturbing the HIV-1 Reservoirs in Vivo. Roger Pomerantz - Philadelphia (USA)

OP 9.2. Immunotoxins to Selectively Target Reservoirs of HIV-infected Cells. Edward Berger - Bethesda (USA)

OP 9.3. A Strategy to Reduce Latent Reservoirs of HIV-1. Dean Hamer - Bethesda (USA)

OP 9.4. DAB389CD4, a CD4-Based Immunotoxin is Active against HIV in SCID Mice Model. Jose Alcami Pertejo - Madrid (Spain)

OP 9.5. The Blockade of Transcriptional Repression at the HIV LTR allows Outgrowth of Virus from the Resting T Cells of Aviremic Patients. David Margolis - Dallas (USA)

OP 9.6. Effect of Mycophenolate Mophetil on Viral Replication in Plasma and Reservoirs after Interruption of HAART in Chronic HIV-infected Patients: a pilot randomized study. Mireia Arnedo Valero - Barcelona (Spain)

OP 9.7. Deacetylase Inhibitors: a new hope in eradication of HIV-1 latent reservoirs? Dominique Demonté - Gosselies (Belgium)






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