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Basic Science

OP 1.1. The Ephemeral Nature of the HIV Genome and Mechanisms of Infection in vivo. Simon Wain-Hobson - Paris (France)

OP 1.2. HIV Infection of Partially Activated T lymphocytes: modalities and determinants. Didier Trono - Geneva (Switzerland)

OP 1.3. Implications of Proximal Immune Activation and Virus Transmission. Zvi Grossman - Tel Aviv (Israel)

OP 1.4. HIV-macrophage Interactions: role in viral persistence. Mario Stevenson - Worcester (USA)

OP 1.5. Interacting with Integrase:  non-pleiotropic mutants in non-dividing cells and the role of LEDGFp75. Eric Poeschla - Rochester (USA)





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