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Primary HIV Infection, Transmission & Eradication Issues

OP 4.1. Virologic Challenges at Acute HIV Infection. Luc Perrin - Geneva (Switzerland)

OP 4.2. Immunologic Challenges at Acute HIV Infection. Giuseppe Pantaléo - Lausanne (Switzerland)

OP 4.3. Latent Reservoirs of HIV: Perspectives for Eradication and Development of Therapeutic Strategies. Tae-Wook Chun - Bethesda (USA)

OP 4.4. Initiation of HAART during Recent HIV-1 Infection Results in Lower Residual Viral Reservoirs and Weak HIV-1 T Cell Specific Responses. Antonio Pires - London (UK)

OP 4.5. Sexual Transmission of HIV-1: Amplification & Inhibition. Myron Cohen - Chapel Hill (USA)






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