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The best venue to foster interaction between researchers and present findings on HIV remission.

JP. Routy

University Mc Gill, Montreal

This is an international gathering that brings together the leaders in the field of HIV eradication to share and discuss their recent progress. It is well attended by doctors and scientists from all over the world. For me, personally, this workshop brings the state of the art in the field to the community. No other conference tackles the issue of eradication with the focus and depth that are characteristic of the Persistence Meeting. Yet, at the same time, the Persistence Meeting fosters a collaborative environment where scientists from different institutions and disciplines can actually begin to think and work together towards a common goal.

V. Planelles,

University of Utah

From its beginning as the first major international meeting focusing on HIV-1 persistence and curative strategies, this workshop has become the world-leading, science driven gathering of experts in the field.

Sarah Palmer,

University of Sydney

Despite life-long combinatory antiretroviral therapy and its clinical benefits, the persistence of replication-competent latent HIV-1 proviruses in reservoirs presents a major barrier towards viral eradication. Further understanding of HIV persistence during effective treatment is therefore needed to reach a cure or a durable remission of infection. In my opinion, the International Workshop on HIV persistence during Therapy is the first and the most important science-driven meeting on HIV persistence, HIV reservoirs, HIV latency and HIV curative strategies. This meeting provides a platform for presenting the latest findings on these critical topics of HIV research. The international workshop also creates a fertile setting for scientists to share their vision of the future priorities and practical challenges that must be overcome before HIV-1 remission can become a reality on a wide scale

Carine Van Lint,
University of Brussels

Thank you for all the work you do on this extraordinary HIV Persistence during Therapy meeting!

J. Clements,